Tuesday, September 20, 2005

lionbrand catalogue: commence eye gouging...NOW

oh my frickin' god. this weekend i received the lionbrand catalogue in the mail. why? i have no idea. i can't figure out how i got on their mailing list. they wanted to let me know that they had a whole bunch of new wool yarns out. that is all well and good. i might have even been tempted if it weren't for that damn catalogue. i want to scan the whole thing and submit it to youknitwhat??? or i would if i weren't so lazy. who designs this crap? i looked at it with my non-knitting roommate and she said that one fun fur purse wasn't so bad if you changed the handles and i just stared her down and said, "i am NOT making that for you." and then i threw the catalogue in the trash. has anyone else seen this thing? please tell me you hate it as much as i do.

in other news, i ride the bus now that mr. jingles is dead, and yesterday there was a lady knitting. i was sitting on the row across from her and of course i stared her down but didn't talk because i am a social moron. she was knitting something in garter stitch on circs. i'm guessing it was a blanket in caron simply soft or some such thing. she is very brave. i don't bring my knitting b/c i have to walk more than a half mile and i already carry my bag and laptop most days.

so bored. i want to go home.



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