Wednesday, September 07, 2005

knitty saves the soul

i've been really angry lately. that other blog is normally my place to vent, but sometimes my frustration and sadness runneth over. i can admit it--i'm normally a selfish person, not endowed with a great deal of compassion, but i feel so terrible for all the people who desperately need help, and i feel so terrible that i don't know how to help them. so i joined this knitalong through the knitty coffeeshop. i know it's not much, but i'm wary of monetary donations and the process of doing something i love to help others keeps me sane. i hope, anyway. either that, or i'll just go nuts and you'll never hear from me again cuz i'll be in the looney bin.

i love the new fall knitty. i think fall is my favorite season for patterns. i thought they couldn't outdo themselves after this last spring, but i was wrong. i'll have to do some careful examination, but i'm sure i'll find at least one pattern i'll make for sure.

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