Monday, September 26, 2005

i've got two songs in me, and i just wrote the third

thanks to everyone so much who gave me hints, sympathy, and shared frustration over analise. right now i put the sweater very far from my sight. when i've had some time to distance myself, i may try to alter it, or i might just give it to someone else.

on friday night i gave myself some fiber therapy by starting and finishing a very very quick project for my secret pal. it put me back on the right track. the rest of the weekend was jam packed with frisbee action. i played in a tourney in buffalo that was ever so much fun. on the ride there, i knitted a few rounds on my sockotta sock, but on the way back i just passed out from exhaustion.

after i got home on sunday, i realized that the deadline for katrina squares is quickly approaching, so i'm trying very hard to churn out some more squares. and i should have time today b/c i'm home sick. blecch. maybe i'll take a nap first.

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