Thursday, September 29, 2005

i've got that holiday spirit.

if only it will last.

so i've been home sick most of this week, and its amazing how much knitting i can get done when i have twice as much time to have a go at it. i made a drop-stitch shawl from start to finish. i can't show a pic, b/c it's similar to another secret project i made, so i'll reveal another time. i made the shawl in 2 days, so i figured, why stop there?

i cast on for a clapotis in hpy worsted yarn. i did most of the increase section last night while watching Lost, and today i am working on the straight section. and i'm bored already. i know, i know, my attention span sucks, but i've only finished one straight section repeat and i already want to throw in the towel. it looks very pretty though, and i think it'll make a good gift for a family member.

here's progress pics and wyatt giving me his "assistance."

i know i said i was gonna work on not starting new projects, but i'm worried about this christmas thing. i remember last year when i was feverishly knitting socks til i thought my hands would fall off. i don't want that to happen this year. plus i have a feeling i'm being even more ambitious in both quantity and difficulty of gifts. my plan is just to keep at it though, and not start a hundred gifts at once and finish none. no no, i will finish clapotis and then i'll work on something else. like a checklist. yeah, that's it.

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  1. You can do it! You're going about it in a wise way too, accomplishing one thing at a time. Though if you get too bored, why not try to have two projects max on the needles? One boring one (Clapotis) and one fun, challenging project that you can only work on for a little at a time before the insane feelings kick in (lace or a cabled man sweater)?

    Just a suggestion that worked for me last year.



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