Friday, September 09, 2005

i've been tagged.

I've been tagged by Domestic Overlord. Dude, five things is much too much to think of. well, i'll do my best.

Ten years ago
let's see. it was the start of my first year of high school. i was trapped in the heat of the sweltering marching band season (or as normal people would call it, football season.) by this time of year i was probably already bored with school. i can't really recall anything else--my junior year in high school was the exciting one, and i think i try my best to block everything from home out anyway.

Five years ago
my junior year in college. let's see, by this point i had begun to resume my roll as responsible student. i had spent my first summer in the ROC, away from home. i lived with my 3 best friends. we had lots of miscellaneous fun together. i can't believe that was five years ago, dear god i am old.

One year ago
My roommate and i were apartment hunting. it sucked. at this point i probably thought we would never find somewhere to live. otherwise, i was probably doing exactly the same thing that i am doing right now.


Five snacks
yogurt parfait
oat n honey granola bars
tortilla chips with fresh garlic and artichoke heart salsa
rice pudding
avocado sandwiches

Five songs I know all the words to
i will survive (cake and gloria gaynor versions)
lovefool (cardigans)
creep (radiohead)
can't take my eyes off of you (frankie valli and lauryn hill versions)
shoop (salt n pepa)

Five things I'd do with 100 million bucks
get a new car
send my parents on a vacation
take my own vacation
get an ipod
buy all the yarn i've ever wanted

Five places I'd run away to
an obscure tropical island
wine country in france

Five things I would never wear
stonewashed jeans
baggy sweaters
sweatpants in public
orthopaedic shoes

Five tv shows
arrested development
the daily show

Five joys
relaxing after work
petting my kitty
the smell of dinner cooking
soaking in a warm bath
having a drink and conversation with a friend

Five things to do, just for me, before I die
oh lordy. too much thought for this hour.
go back to creating my own computer art projects
finishing the "death and the kitchen" photography series
watch all the movies on my netflix queue
become an expert dessert cook
knit an entire sweater for someone besides me (i.e. bigger than me)

yeah...i don't think i know five bloggers.


(sorry, i'm resorting to all the people who have ever commented on my blog. i really don't have many friends.)


  1. i did a meme similar to this awhile back, but i may decide to do it again, so stay tuned ;)

    fun to learn more about you!

  2. oh dear...this one looks thoughtful. It will take me ages to get my act together. But, I will post soon.




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