Friday, September 23, 2005

Analysis: What Went Wrong

oh dear.

last night, i finished Analise from Rowan 38. it took me all night to seam it. i worked diligently. it went together ok. see, it doesn't look so bad.
Analise doesn't look so bad on the floor

then i put it on.
The disaster that is Analise Analise

Ironically, by shrugging in a sad manner, it was the only way I could get the collar to stay on my shoulders. i stood in front of the mirror, trying to decipher what the problem was. i pinched the sleeves, and pulled in the back, and then it hit me like a ton of bricks. the damn thing is too big. i didn't notice this at first, b/c the waist shaping is so perfect. somehow i ignored the fact that i have narrower-than-average shoulders. "sure, i can make the 32. it'll fit." no, it doesn't. and i don't have the heart to rip it and resize the whole damn thing.

i don't think it was all my fault. here's a photo from the rowan book. the photo is so bad, i should have known there was something wrong. even the stick model is slouching and she has about 8 layers of clothing on underneath. she probably can't keep it on her shoulders either. i had such high hopes.

I learned a few lessons.

Lessons Sara Has Learned From This Tragic Disaster

  1. NEVER make another bright red seamed pullover. This is #2 that has gone awry now. If I am ever at the yarn store and I see bright red yarn and think to myself, "wow, this would make a really great pullover," i should just put the skeins down and back away slowly. better yet, break into a run.

  2. Seamed sweaters are evil. I proved to myself that i *could* seam. the problem is that i can't size sweaters in the flat. there's a reason i like to try things on as i go. after it's seamed, i just don't have the tenacity to frog and redo the whole thing.

  3. Two words: Negative ease. the smallest size is not always my friend.

  4. If the photo of the model is so far away that you can't really tell what she is wearing, and if she's slouched down and is wearing clothes underneath her sweater, be EXTREMELY WARY of fit issues. after all, she's a professional model, presumably with handlers. you would think they could pin her into place or something. if they resort to slouchiness, there must be a real problem.

*sigh* if you know anyone who is 4'10", has broad shoulders and boobs, i would be happy to send them a nice red pullover. i really think it would look good on someone else.

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  1. Actually, my painting professor is your height with big boobs. AND she wears bright red like there's no tomorrow. So if you really mean it, hold on to it til SP 6 ends and I'll pass it to her. She's a textile arts person too, but I've never been able to teach her to knit; she just doesn't get it.

    Too bad about the pattern, but it looks like you learned a lot so it's not a total fiasco.

  2. Awww,

    So sorry about the pullover! It looks like a gorgeous sweater though, I hope you find someone for it.

    I like how in the full length photo, the kitty is staring up at you quizzically!

  3. You know, there may be a way to fix it... you could try adding elastic under the collar. This would help it stay up. It is such a shame to see that it does not fit you--it is so pretty!

    If you don't decide to alter it, I hope you can find someone who it will fit.

    Take care~

  4. You could theoretically knit like 1/2-1" straps that you'd sew on under the collar so it stays up, if you have leftover yarn enough for it. So it'd be an off-the-shoulder sweater with some stay-up support.

  5. I like Mango's idea - you did a nice job with that sweater, and the color is great on you...

    Put it in the back of your closet for a while, and maybe something will come to you...

  6. Well, it may be a disaster, but it's the nicest looking disaster I've ever seen. I can only imagine the frustration on your end though.

  7. Your lessons that you listed were hilarious, though I'm sorry about the jumper. It looks so pretty and professional - maybe some of the other suggestions will work to make it stay on?

  8. use pretty ribbons to add straps! use elastic or ribbon to back the collar. I too HAVE to use negative ease, but it really looks great on you! Very elegant. don't give up!



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