Thursday, September 15, 2005

almost done.

so i've been a bit of a homebody lately. which is good for knitting + tv time,
bad for social life. but it has been a good six months since i've holed myself
up in hibernation mode, so i think i'm allowed.

last night i worked on the hpy minisweater while watching sytycd. i'm pissed
off at that show. the format sucks for actually finding the best dancer. case
in point, one of the two best female dancers has to be eliminated this week. i
want melody the spankies girl to get booted. i'm sick of spankies girl. we
get it--you like to show your crotch on live tv. go away. granted, i don't
really like the cheerleader or the fugly "model" either, but they are good
dancers who at least, in addition to flashing their crotches, also throw in
some technique and style while doing it. the asshole guy needs to stop dancing
lyrical and develop some upper body strength. i thought he was gonna break in
two trying to lift spankies girl. you can't tell me she weighs that much. i
think they should ditch lyrical. nobody gets or likes lyrical. boooooring.
and armand or whatever the fuck (the eastern european guy) needs to go too. he
does the same moves all the time and he's lucked out by getting ballroom dances
again and again. i bet if he had to dance hip-hop the judges would criticize
him just as much as they berate the cute popper guy. and i don't think i've
ever seen so much bare chest on one show. yikes. i just re-read this and
realized that i am really really bad with names. oh well at least it gives me
something to bitch about. and it'll be over soon.

as will my minisweater. i've decided to just keep knitting until i run out of
yarn. so this minisweater won't be too mini. i'm hoping it'll turn into a
cropped wrap sweater. *fingers crossed* i just hope when i'm done it won't be
so ugly that i'll have to throw it in the frog pile. i actually made the
sleeves slightly too tight--the first time i've ever made anything too small.
it's not circulation deprivation...just a little tight. i bet it'll be ok
after its bath. which it most certainly is getting b/c the vinegar smell is
really starting to get to me. i'm in the process of winding the last skein. i
should be finished by the weekend!

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