Wednesday, September 14, 2005

all that effort.

finished raglan increases on minisweater #2. separated the sleeve portions and
began knitting sleeves, one on dpn, one using magic loop. (look i'm scared to
knit 2s1c, ok? call me a weenie) i was going row by row to keep the sleeves
nice and consistent. and guess what? one of my balls of hpy is spun much more
thinly than the other. so my row gauge is wayyyy different. to sort of solve
the issue, i switched the working yarn so that the sleeves (hopefully) won't
look too funny on the finished product but i finally threw in the towel and
just knit one at a time. when i measured while going row by row, one sleeve
was an inch and a quarter longer than the other. grrrrr.....stupid yarn. this
is taking a long time for a sweater that will potentially end up really ugly.
attention...waning. no. must. persist. at least it'll all be over soon?

i got a message from my secret pal that i should be getting a package soon. i
can't wait! ok, i know she just sent the message last night but i am already
wanting to stalk the mail. is it here yet? is it here yet? is it here yet?
i have problems.

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