Thursday, August 11, 2005

step one: admitting i have a problem.

i go to joanns too much. yesterday afternoon, i went to get the finishing
notions for my new look green corduroy purse. i lined it with the leftover
fabric from my swirly club shirt. all i have left is to put in the zipper and
sew and attach the strap.

and while i was there i did pick up a copy of quilted bags in a weekend. along
with a rotary cutter, an acrylic ruler, and fabric to make one of the bags for
my mom's birthday. reality has set in and i know i won't finish the shawl on
time, so it has become a christmas-present-in-progress. the bag is basically a
quilt-top patchwork squares rectangular bag with lining, so it shouldn't be too
difficult. hopefully.

and i started the second chutes and ladders sock last night while i was
watching that stupid dancing show on fox. there's something seriously wrong
with that show. i was subjected to watching the same scene 24 times in a row,
as they either accepted or rejected all the contestants in the same manner.
talk about lack of drama. and yet i still can't stop watching. oh but back to
the sock: i really heart this worsted weight thing. i don't think i've ever
finished a sock so quickly in my life.

i still have crafter's block on what to do for my final frisbee shirt
alteration. i think i peaked too soon with all the big stuff. i'm sure
whatever i decide will include yet another trip to joanns. lordy.

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