Monday, August 22, 2005

SP excitement

so on friday, we got our matches for knitty sp5. i'm really glad b/c now i have plenty of research to do whenever i get bored at work. my pal seems really cool. i've already come up with several ideas, and i hope i'll make a good sp my first time out. i already heard from my (upstream?) pal on the knitty thread. i feel so loved.

in other news, yesterday i started my amble socks for my brother for christmas. he has size 14 feet, but the sock went surprisingly quickly b/c i used woolease worsted. i'm in love with this stuff. i know it's not the nicest yarn i could buy, but i don't have to worry about the recipient shrinking the socks, and the fabric is nice and thick--appropriate for the impending winter. plus my cats gnaw on if it's good enough for them... :-) i made a plain foot with a sherman heel and have just begun the pattern on the cuff.

i'm also working on the river stole from rowan 38 for my mom, sans beads. the lace pattern is nice and simple, though i do have to make sure i'm paying attention. i'm only doing a few rows at a time so my mind won't wander. the kidsilk haze is very pretty and i hope she'll like it enough to take it with her when she goes on her cruise in february.

i'm so proud of myself. i've never planned this far ahead for gifts before. *not counting chickens...*

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