Friday, August 19, 2005

Rowan 38: Finally

so my mom gave me a sub to Rowan magazine for my birthday but due to a
subscription error they sent it to her, not me. and it took her awhile to send
it off to me. but anyway, it's finally here.

and...frankly, i'm a bit underwhelmed. i had read on the knitty and knitter's
review boards that this issue is lacking somewhat, and all i can say is, "eh."
it isn't terrible, but nothing really pops out at me. i think a lot of it is
the photography. i couldn't even tell what item was supposed to be the project
in several of the photos. a quick perusal:

i like the river stole. and i happen to have 2 balls of ksh in my stash that
was my welcome gift (there is no way in hell i was gonna make that god-awful
scarf pattern that came with the yarn. i'll probably do river without the
beads. i was looking for a shawl pattern to make for xmas and this one just
fell in my lap.

also, it may be wrong, but i like the crocheted coat O'Mally. i love the shape
and the toggles, and it looks really really warm. i might have to search for
yarn subs for this one. and the beauty is--it's crocheted, so i *might*
actually be able to finish such a giant project before the winter is over. i
have no idea what crochet hook US E4 means, though.

i might make some of the smaller projects as stocking-stuffer gifts, like the
flowers. some of those were kind of pretty. i also kind of like the cabled
handwarmers (eowyn?) some of the scarf and bag patterns were ok, but like i
don't already have a million of those types of patterns. i liked a lot of the
men's sweaters more than the women's but i would never make it through a whole
large-sized sweater; i don't care how much i love the men in my life. not
gonna happen. oh and the bootprint sweater--don't know what they were thinking
with that one.

in other news, i finished my minisweater last night. i just need to sew on a
button and i'll take pics. will wait to divulge pattern quirks til then.

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