Monday, August 08, 2005

A Productive Weekend

So i discovered that it is august, which means that summer is almost over, which means that i should probably try to finish up all the summer sewing projects that are half-finished, lying in various corners of my bedroom.

I started with my orange tunic. Thanks to my own stupidity and lack of attention to detail, I had holes in my shirt (which was why I hadn't finished it). I added trim to the inset to cover the hole I created while pinking the seam and more trim to the sleeves to cover up the gash that was on the material when i bought it but failed to notice until it was too late. i'll admit, it looks a little weird, but since it is currently on my drying rack I don't have a photo. more details when I do.

I finally finished my yellow linen skirt that has been in timeout for over a month. I made the damn thing too big, but i sucked it up and took in the two seams in the back and now it fits. this picture is very bad--i'll take another to show off the yoke later.

Vogue 7416 View A

Now I just have to finish my pink pleated skirt and probably throw out my ugly giant gray tunic and i'll be all caught up with summer sewing. I caught the bag bug, so I bought a New Look pattern to make one using stash fabrics and i'm seriously contemplating buying Quilted
Bags in a Weekend
. It looks like a fun way to ease into quilting and i really really really want that quilted clutch. I'll probably pick it up courtesy of a joann coupon this week.

Speaking of bags in a weekend, I made this.

Basketweave purse WIP I know, it's knutty that i'm using straight needles, but i figured i could use a refresher in seaming. and i discovered that i still hate it. here's the finished product.

Basketweave purse

I also discovered that i still hate hand sewing. i used up some leftover silk for the lining.

Basketweave purse lining

here's the progress on my simplest garter stitch shawl. Simplest Garter Stitch Shawl WIP

i'm using knitpicks shimmer laceweight alpaca/silk yarn. it's going very very slowly. i hope to be finished in time for a certain someone's birthday.

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