Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Please don't emulate my fashion

Do you want your child to look like this?
Frisbee summer league shirt front Frisbee summer league shirt back

I didn't think so. My roommate and I are having a frisbee summer league shirt alteration contest. basically the shirts we paid good money for were giant (and ugly) so we decided to make one alteration per week til the end of the season. the season is almost over, which is a good thing b/c i'm running out of ideas. i got the corset back from this craftster thread and I may have to scour the reconstructions to come up with two more. maybe something with leather trim. i gotta figure out something creative b/c if this thing gets any tighter i'm gonna have to paint it on.

the problem is, i seem to be making an impression on the young children of some of the frisbee players. last night this little girl's mom came up to me and said that her daughter couldn't stop talking about how i had "the BEST fashion!" and i was horrified and wanted to say, "but i'm wearing an S&M shirt. please don't emulate me."

anyway. i'm late to the party as usual, but i finally got going on my 6sox chutes and ladders.
Late to the party Chutes and Ladders
i was having a terrible time, and started them with two different yarns, but now i know the secret is to use worsted weight and they go quickly. i'm using lionbrand woolease. i made the foot with #4 dpns, and the cuff with #5 magic loop with an afterthought heel. it's never too early to start on christmas presents. i've never used woolease for socks, but they are making a nice thick fabric and they're washable, so a good choice for christmas gifts. i was thinking of doing the amble pattern in woolease too.

Orange tunic with gold sequin trim
Here's the finished shot of my New Look 6344 tunic. I added the gold trim to cover up the holes. I had to make a lot of modifications to this top to make it fit and it's still a bit on the large side. i added bust darts, took in the back seam, curved the side seams more and shortened the body and the sleeves. i would make another one of these, maybe, but i'd have to really be in the mood for a challenge. i don't like the look of this one all that much. but it could be worse.

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