Monday, August 15, 2005

oh the weekend.

i made my first ever (sort of) quilted item.

saturday i woke up, drank a pot of coffee, and went into a cleaning frenzy. it
was long overdue, as my room was a terrible mess but thanks to the caffeine, i
finished in good stead and had plenty of time to make my mom's birthday purse.

the book, quilted bags in a weekend, holds up to its name, as i managed to
finish on saturday, though it took me all day to do it. i definitely need to
buy a larger cutting surface. i also need to learn to be more precise, cutting
and sewing. i'm actually quite proud of the results, though, for a first
attempt. i made the first bag in the book, a tiny little "princess" bag in
creams and natural calico prints with burgundy lining. due to my ignorance, i
failed to see that the finished result would be approximately 7x9x2 inches.
for some reason, from the photograph, i assumed it would be larger. oh well.
it's kind of church-y, so i guess one wouldn't want a giant bag anyway. the
bag isn't actually quilted. it's just a quilt top consisting of pieced squares
with interfacing on the back. i used "flat quarters" (joanns' words) that i
picked up. i chose neutrals b/c i was afraid of being fabric-challenged and
picking colors that looked like poo together. the neutrals were a safe choice,
except that, knowing my mother, she won't carry the bag til next spring
(post-labor day and all). the only thing i didn't like about the bag, apart
from its size, was the pleated grosgrain ribbon at the top. if making this
again, i think i might choose a different trim, or no trim. also, b/c of the
size, i think the bag would have worked equally well with a long purse strap,
rather than the ribbon handles. i really hope that she likes it.

i admit the project quite exhausted me, but it was rather fun. i can see
myself making many more bags from this book, especially as christmas gifts.

i put my green bag on hold so i could make the one for my mom. i'm still
working on putting in the zipper. after mom's bag, i didn't want to sew for
the rest of the weekend.

i'm almost done with my chutes and ladders socks. i'm sure they'll make a
great xmas gift for...somebody. i can't believe i'm starting this early. then
again, after the stress of last year, this has to be a good idea.

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