Monday, August 29, 2005

My Stash Acquisitions are Getting Out of Control

friday: i place a knitpicks order. some yarn to make christmas gifties and something for my sp. i order some other non-knitting goodies for the sp as well (and something for me too--i admit it). friday afternoon, the workplace was dead dead dead and me and my officemate closed up shop early, so i decided to head on over to the lys since it would still be open. on the way, i got a traffic ticket for not having my front license plate on my car--the first time i've ever been pulled over. may it be my last. in a nutshell, last year i got into a car accident and my front plate is a bit fucked up. i also didn't have the correct kind of wrench to unscrew the thingies on the front so i just never put it back on. and i finally got caught. yeah, i'm a dumbass. anyway, it's on now. so i get to the yarn store, pick up some yarn for my pal, some more yarn for another xmas present, and the manos del uruguay that i was previously gushing about. while there, i browsed through wrap style, and found absolutely nothing i was thrilled about. what a terrible disappointment.

saturday: i went regular shopping for fun. i used my dsw coupon and bought two pairs of work shoes. one of them is a tragedy waiting to happen as the soles have no traction. but as they are strictly indoor shoes only, i don't really see them being a problem, unless i have a negative encounter with some stairs. i went to old navy and tried on the world, and bought...a purse. i would have bought cords but they didn't have my color and size. and wtf is with old navy sizing anyway? now they have "XXS" which means that all they did was slap an extra "X" on the XS. b/c i used to wear XS so i tried on XS and the XS was XX-Big, so i really needed the XXS. but i haven't changed size, so it's them. i hate stores. fuck the stores and their XX-Sizing. it's XX-Stupid. [/rant] saturday night, i am still feeling the love for manos so i read and search and read some more on manos and decide that i really need to try after all, if it really is just like manos, i should try it out. so i ordered *more* yarn, two different varieties in variegated colorways. don't know what i'll do with it, but i'll figure something out.

so now i CANNOT buy more yarn. unless i find a way to acquire another skein of manos to make my matching hat. i'm almost through one ball of my so-called scarf, and my love has not dissipated yet.

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