Thursday, August 18, 2005

must maintain firm grip on impulse control

first things first: addendum to yesterday's post--add snbn's fuzzy feet to
potential project xmas list. would make a fun gift.

so yesterday, while bored at work, i perused the knitpicks site and browsed and
lusted after all of their new yarns, thinking--i neeeed their cashmere blend
yarns to make this year's winter accessories. one of the purples should match
my been-on-the-back-burner-for-a-whole-year thrummed mittens. and the solid
sock yarns will be perfect for dad/brother/boyfriend xmas socks. and the
boucle yarn reminds me of my favorite sweater and it would make a perfect shawl
to keep at work. and their new bulky wool would be great for the leaf lace
pullover. *sigh* i got as far as making a wishlist. but i persevered. so
what was in the mail when i got home? yep, the new knitpicks catalogue.
bastards. is it sad that i absorbed the catalog as bedtime reading? must.

i am almost done with my minisweater. i cast off the body last night, and now
i just need to finish the sleeves and weave in the ends. it went really
quickly. it also took me much fewer rows than the pattern called for, even
with eliminating the extra increases. i realized that this is because i don't
have much boobage that needs holding. but all the better for finishing
success, right? i can't wait to wear it. the cotton angora actually doesn't
show the shedding all that much, as long as you don't wear it over a dark
color, like black. i only used 6 skeins of yarn, holding two strands together.
the doubled yarn is really heavy though. my wrist hurts today but i'll take it
easy for a few days once i finish.

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