Tuesday, August 30, 2005

must learn to knit while eyes are glued to the screen

i watched the premiere of prison break last night (or most of it--i missed the first 15 minutes or so but i caught on to the premise fairly quickly--thanks, fox advertising for the past month or so). i have never watched 24, so i don't know for sure, but i'm guessing this is the fall stand-in series. that guy, wentworth miller, is pretty hot. here's what i don't get though--why did he and his brother and pretty much everyone else it seems sport the prison haircuts before they ever went to prison? you'd think we'd see some shots of him and his brother with less severe hair before they went to the slammer. and what's with the secret service guys? could they be any more "we are shadowy baddies" a la all the bad government people from the x-files?

anyway. the point is, i alternately worked on my manos scarf and analise b/c neither required much thought while i watched the 2-hour program, but it was painful to look down at my work occasionally to keep from screwing up b/c i was afraid to miss something on the tv. the good news is that both went quickly since i was otherwise occupied. i'm on the second skein of manos and i finished the increase section on the front of analise. i didn't read the label on my manos and didn't know i was supposed to alternate skeins. there is a slightly noticeable difference between the two. oops. also, i thought it was weird that there is not just a color difference but a texture change as well: the second skein is softer and thicker than the first. *shrug* oh well, probably no one will notice but me. i hope.

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