Thursday, August 04, 2005

More photos will guilt me into completion

at least, that's the theory. i figure it will be stimulating, or at the very least, sad, to track how many wip's i have and then eventually abandon. and how many times i frog a certain yarn before it finally becomes an fo. and so i give you
my eclectic heel sockotta sock. the other one is otn but my cat drooled and tangled the sockotta almost beyond repair, so who knows if i'll ever finish it. i kind of like the eclectic heel ok, but i'm kind of "eh" about it. here's another look.

i didn't knit much during my vacation. it was a vacation after all, but i managed to get in a few rows while passengering in the car and on the plane. here's my vacation summation. i worked on the very very easy garter stitch shawl for my mom. so easy that it's going very slowly and it's boring. but i promise to persevere. i should take a wip photo.

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