Sunday, August 21, 2005

it feels good to finish things.

First up: Felted potholders for the boy's birthday.


I had to run them through the washer three times and they are still a little big for potholders. i used patons classic merino and knitpicks merino style. the left potholder is crocheted, and it didn't felt as well as the knitted one from last minute knitted gifts.

Next: Chutes and Ladders socks from 6sox knitalong.
i only now just realized that one of my socks has one less pattern repeat than the other. as i was planning to give these as a christmas gift, i should probably fix this. i used worsted woolease in brown. surprisingly i liked using the woolease, and these socks went really quickly at only 40 st. i liked the woolease enough to buy some cream colored to make my amble sock. for the aug/sept knitalong.

and lastly: my minisweater (with a little help from my cat, ellie).

i finished this in three days. it has to be a record for me. the fabric is very very heavy and warm--i cannot imagine making a full-size sweater from this stuff. i used debbie bliss cotton angora, two strands held together, on #9 circs. i look kind of stupid modeling, but i plan to wear this to work a lot. should be the perfect counter to the subzero atmosphere that is my job.

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