Wednesday, August 24, 2005

i lack willpower

starting a new project always *seems* like a good idea.

last night, i worked on my brother's amble sock, and finished one pattern
repeat. but then i decided i should work on something that took less
concentration so i could watch the House reruns on tv. i did a couple of rows
on my garter stitch shawl, but then got bored.

so then i thought, what the hey, i'll swatch for analise from rowan 38. i have
all that red merino style that i bought to make angelina. so i swatched. and
the gauge was dead-on for the wool cotton. and the fabric was so soft. and
the stitchwork was so even and plush-feeling against my skin.

i cast on for the back and worked a couple of inches. i figure it's a learning
exercise--i need to persevere to make an entire sweater, and i need the seaming
practice. the only other seamed sweater i ever made was my very first one--a
simple stockinette v-neck from a winter VK issue in red woolease (the same hue
as the merino style--it has to be fate). my VK sweater, being my first one,
turned out horribly. the body was too short, it was giant circumference-wise,
and had long gorilla arms, b/c back in the day i was convinced that the pattern
*must* be right and if i just follow it, all will work out in the end, even
though it's telling me to knit the sleeves about 6 inches longer than my arms
are. ok, i wasn't the brightest. it looked *great* on the model!

this is like my second chance to prove just how much i've learned since then.
the smallest size is 32", but i don't think it'll be too big, as it has a deep
scoop neck and doesn't seem like it's supposed to be super-fitted. though i
honestly can't really tell from the very unclear picture.

i must say i'm in love with the merino style. i hated working with it in
ribbing when i was doing angelina, but in stockinette stitch it's just so
lovely and soft. i think i may use this yarn for my sailor-sweater, if i ever
get around to making it. one thing at a time. i promise not to start anything
else. really.

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