Friday, August 26, 2005

a day off is good for the soul

so yesterday was freshman move-in day at work. and what does that have to do with knitting? well, the powers that be refused to let us lowly staff people park in our regular lots that WE PAY ASSLOADS OF MONEY FOR and were making us park 2 miles from campus and take a shuttle. so i said fuck that, and took a day of vacation, as did most of the rest of the staff. my morning was spent sleeping in a little, sipping coffee, watching the simpsons season 5, and working on analise. my progress has been steady--i finished the back and got to row 37 on the front last night. the more i think about it, the more i feel like i should give this sweater to my roommate for christmas. it has a scoop neck, which i usually look really dumb in, but it would look good on her. fortunately, we are the same size, so i can block and seam this thing before i decide. my only hesitation is that she is a non-knitter, and if she doesn't like it, she'll never wear it. then again i don't even wear some of the uglier things i've made. i'll figure it out when it's done. like that thing i said about not counting chickens...

i also finished another repeat on the amble sock. i don't really like it. maybe when it's done it'll look better, but for now it just looks like blobs rather than a pattern. and i know i'm doing it right. it just seems like a lot of work for something that doesn't look very impressive. but maybe i'm just bitching b/c i don't like charts.

i fell asleep watching the commentary on the simpsons. i don't know why i continue to try to watch it. i guess i keep waiting for them to say something interesting. it has be boring for them too--talking about every single episode. i think they should pick one ep per disc to do commentary on. they also need to bring in more of the cast. i know that the directors and writers contribute a lot, but it's really boring when all they can talk about is camera angles and old-fashioned animation. i think it's cool that they are so knowledgeable. but do i really care? no.

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  1. Hello fellow Sara[h] that knits member~

    And knitty board too.

    Just thought I'd check out your site! Very nice.

    I'm soooo new to this whole blog thingy, must keep practicing!

    Cheers, Sarah.
    (morgsarah on knitty)



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