Tuesday, July 19, 2005

not so good bout the picture thing.

ok, i did a lot of stuff.

i sewed 2 slut shirts from a new look pattern. one i wore to my birthday going out excursion. it is the cutest silky print i found on sale at joanns. i didn't do the best job sewing it, as i suck as slippery fabrics, but it actually fits, which is a near miracle with all of the failures i've been having lately. i also made a blue silk blend top with cute trim that also fits. now i just need an occasion...i'll probably take it with me to vegas. or maybe i'll wear it on my BIRTHDAY. (trying to be excited and not depressed)

i gave up on the tunic top though it's nearly done. i look like a pregnant woman. i'm in limbo with the pink pleated silk skirt. i'm slowwwwly ripping out the yellow linen skirt and taking it in so it will fit. i'm giving up on the impossible blazer pattern. i think that's all the abandoned sewing projects.

my mom gave me 2 subscriptions for my birthday, one to burda magazine patterns and one to rowan magazine. i heart mom. mom is the best. my interweave subscription STILL isn't coming. how long do i wait before badgering the company? maybe i'll email them after i post this. i'm getting really peeved.

i went to spirt work and bought some yarn this weekend. i got some sockotta and some debbie bliss cotton angora and berroco cotton twist on sale for pretty cheap. the sockotta is kind of ugly. i'm making an anklet now on size 0's and my hands start to hurt after awhile...i think it's the cotton. or the 0's. i swatched the cotton angora but am looking for the perfect cropped cardigan pattern, and the cotton twist is bound to become a ruffley tank, but i'm having difficulties. it snags a lot and i can't find a pattern stitch that i like. i used the fandance lace from knitting on the edge and gave up and am frogging after i finished all but one row of the pattern.

oh and i finished tivoli and am blocking. i'll probably wear it tomorrow. maybe i should, you know, take a picture. *sigh*

oh yeah! and i signed up to join the knittyboard sp5. well i will if i can manage 75 posts before august 15. i'm working really hard at it. good thing i'm bored and work and have little else to do right now. it sounds really fun! yay!

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