Friday, July 08, 2005

more of the same.

i finished my white eyelet skirt, and i love it!
Simplicity 4595
it's so flattering and it swishes when i walk. i added a quick and dirty batiste lining--just 2 trapezoids sewed together. simplicity 4595 is the best. not to sound like an advertisement for the pattern, but really.

in other news, last night i started a top--New Look 6239.


i have never used a new look pattern before, and i know it's nice they included all sizes, but goodness. so much pattern to sort through! i'm making View F, the tunic top and i'm making the sash belt too. i'm hoping if it is long enough i can wear it tied around my waist in a greek goddess-esque formation. i'm kind of scared of tucks, but hopefully they won't be too bad. also it took me forever to figure out how to do the band at the top with the interfacing. i'm really no good at facings, but i got it eventually. my only concern is that i'm making the smallest size, the 10, but i tried on the band and i think i may have to shorten the straps a bit. if i'm a success at this, i want to make the double layered top with sleeves. or maybe even a dress! now that would be a shocker.

finally, after many false starts, i am making progress on what i am coining "The Buttercup" sweater. my hope is that when i block, the stitches will open up more the way they look in the swatch. i have 20 rows right now, and on the needles the fabric just looks kind of like holey messy ribbing.


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