Wednesday, July 20, 2005

m-m-m-my tivoli!

sorry, can't help humming the song "my sharona" every time i think of this sweater. i am wearing my tivoli tee today.

Wearing my tivoli

I am satisfied with it, even though my shaping markers were off somehow and the shaping isn't centered. i hated working with microspun, but at least it's now out of my stash for good, and now i can reward myself with creating another tivoli in a nicer yarn. the fit is really nice. the only other thing that i am not thrilled with that is again, my own fault, is i used a stretchy bind-off that is too loose, so the bottom kind of flares out and won't shape into place, probably b/c of the acrylic yarn. here's another shot of tivoli blocking...
Blocking Tivoli Tee

In sewing news, i finally got around to photographing yet another tiered skirt...this one is the floral material my mom sent me. i added purple lace trim and there are only two tiers. i don't really like it b/c the yoke is too long for my body and it tends to hug my ass unattractively and uncomfortably if i try to wear the skirt below my waist.
Simplicity 4595

I also finished two shirts from a new look pattern that i actually like, mostly b/c the 8 fits. i had to make slight modifications. i took 5/8 in. seams instead of 3/8, and pulled the elastic across the back much tighter, but with good results. on the swirly shirt, i thought the directions on how to do the armholes with binding tape were less than clear, but next time i should be able to figure it out better. the silk shirt went together like a dream. it wrinkles terribly though, as you can tell from the pic.
New Look 6491 View C
New Look 6491 View A
i wore the other one to my birthday going-out excursion on friday night. other than having the difficulty of no matching clothing, i thought it held up well. i love the fabric. i got it on sale at joanns. i think my new favorite thing is to excavate the silky prints til i find the diamond in the rough.

finally, on my stash enhancement excursion this past weekend, i picked up a few items.
i have decided there is a point to self-striping yarn after all. i still enjoy solid colors and texture patterns more, but there's something about mindless knitting that still creates something fun to look at.

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  1. Hi there,
    Love your Tivoli, and you have got awesome sewing projects there! Cute skirt ;)



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