Wednesday, July 06, 2005

I ran out of white thread!


I was busily sewing my long white tiered eyelet skirt when lo and behold, i ran out of white thread. i didn't know that such a thing was possible. so i couldn't finish it last night. boo. i got through sewing the hem, but i still have the gather and attach the last tier, sew the lining, and do the waistband. who ever heard of running out of white thread??? boo, i say. boo.

i'm up to the waist increases on my tivoli tee.


something weird is happening though. my waist shaping isn't centered. and i checked the pattern to see if i put the markers in the wrong place, but i really thought i had it right. maybe the pattern is off? at this point i don't care enough to fix it but maybe i should find out for future reference.

i got inspired by this post on the knittyboard. i love her carla. i have the perfect cotton/acrylic tape yarn in my stash. :-) i don't have the rowan pattern. :-( i also hate seaming like it ain't no thang. :-( but i do own a book of pattern stitches and the handy book of sweater patterns. :-) so last night i swatched for a carla-inspired summer pullover. this is perfect...tivoli is making me hate small stitches, and i wanted my next project to be a quick knit.

i had a bad experience with that tape yarn though. i made a ribbed tank top (i know, but at the time i didn't know better) and the first time i wore it, gravity took hold and by the afternoon my bra was peeking--no, lurching--out the top. it was really bad. so for my swatch i stretched the hell out of it vertically. i just needed a couple of years to find the right pattern for it. yeah, that's it. trial and error.

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