Tuesday, July 05, 2005

holiday weekends are for drinking and getting crafty

i love holiday weekends.

joanns had a big sale and i'm ashamed to say i went twice this weekend. i bought a ton of clearance fabric, including some purple eyelet, hot pink stretch twill, some dove-gray stripey cotton, pink striped seersucker, and some black stretch lace mesh. then i bought some white eyelet to make a long tiered skirt, a couple of dress patterns, and a jacket pattern.


i worked on sewing my pink silk pleated skirt, but i'm not having a lot of success. i really hate sewing it, and i can't find the motivation to finish it. so i started the white eyelet skirt instead. i finished up my floral tiered skirt. i actually think the finished results are very pretty. it's just that i hate flowers. maybe i'll wear it on weekends? one problem is that the yoke is too long for me and the skirt cuts tightly across my thighs in a weird way. i could just wear the skirt higher on my waist, but then i'd look like even more of a tool. maybe i'll give it away. eh.

on the knitting front, i started my tivoli tee from grumperina's site. she inspired me b/c the only shirt i really liked from loop-d-loop was the ballerina tee, and she has done it one better. and for free! i am using some crap-dappy microspun from my stash. i am trying really hard not to buy yarn and i promised myself that if i use up this stuff, i can make another one in a soft pretty yarn. i am almost to the waist decreases, which is pretty damn impressive for starting it last friday on #4 needles.

Progress photo:


i checked out the new knitty. i love knitty, but sadly, i don't think i see anything i'd knit for the men in my life, though i might adapt some for myself. (i love the kimono, and the short-row hat, and the argyle vest, and the messenger bag...all for me. i'm such a selfish bitch.) honestly, i doubt any of the men i know would want any of the patterns in the issue. there were a lot of traditional sweaters, which if your man isn't a pullover sweater type, you have a problem. there were also a lot of funky off the wall patterns, which won't work if your man isn't a teenager. i've concluded it's really really hard to find a good pattern that a guy would like that doesn't take 5,000 years to knit. not a perfect world.

and when is my interweave knits going to show up? *stamping foot impatiently*

i've been doing better about the picture taking thing. now i just have to get motivated to upload them. it's always something. *sigh*

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