Tuesday, July 12, 2005

aaargh! unprogress.

so evidently i need the handy book of sweater patterns for dummies. i finished the body of my buttercup sweater and was ready to divide for the armholes, but instead of ending on a pattern row that is just knit, i tried to divide on the complicated lace row. and of course i screwed up. i dropped several stitches and had to frog back an inch or so, and now i am back to working the body up to the armholes again. but i am committed to doing it right. *sigh*

when i got frustrated with that project, i swatched for glampyre's minisweater. i am determined not to buy more yarn until i use up a lot of my stash so i swatched with the abandoned knitpicks merino style in maple leaf, using 2 strands held together. i got gauge on 10's so i'll be starting this one soon.

i'm almost finished sewing my tunic, but it's ugly. and i don't look good in tunics. at least i learned how to make tucks? i also learned that new look shirt patterns are retarded, as i made the smallest size (10) and cut out *20* inches from the shirt. and i'm going to cut at least six inches off the bottom. and it still looks billowy, but not as "i'm 10 months pregnant" as before. yet another example of something i think will look good in my head but the reality is oh so different.

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