Wednesday, June 29, 2005


I've been a very bad blogger. I'm sorry. it's not that i haven't been hard at work, there was just the lazy camera thing, and the moving my photos to my flickr album, and i know, i should stop making excuses.

first, the sewing. i made the world of skirts. i'll add individual links as i update more frequently (i promise) but for now, here's my brand new flickr sewing album, complete with bad pictures of all the skirts i've made recently.

Sara's Sewing Album

I've actually completed a lot of knitted gifts recently. the problem is, that i keep forgetting to take pictures of them before i give them away. i made my roommate some gull wing socks (socks X3) using knitpicks sock garden, my mom some koigu anklets, my friend a koigu cabled purse from lmkg. but do you think i remembered to whip out the digicam? alas, no. so you'll have to settle for the crap i keep for myself.

Sara's Knitting Album (the newest stuff is first) AND Sara's Sock Album

I will never be this bad again. really.

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