Tuesday, May 31, 2005

prolific but not chatty

or photo-y.

so since the last time i posted, i made my mom a pair of koigu anklets for mother's day (which i mailed but forgot to photograph), a koigu cabled purse from lmkg for my friend's birthday (which i also forgot to photograph, which is too bad b/c it was really cute), another pair of koigu anklets for me (can you tell i'm trying to get rid of all 5 skeins?), and my very first pair of 2-color socks from Socks X 3. i'll get around to photographing the latter 2 eventually. i finished my ribbon x-back from knitty, which fits beautifully on my second attempt. i made it with berroco zen colors in blue/green/black in stockinette instead of seed stitch. again with the lack of photos.

i'm also working on the Hot Lava Cardigan in andean silk. i'm having to alter the pattern a lot to get it fit me. i'm thinking that the designer must be some kind of amazon woman or something b/c my shoulder width is nowhere near what the pattern calls for, and she says it's supposed to have negative ease too. so i've been ripping and reknitting a lot. the andean silk makes me sneeze, which is a bad sign, but it's very soft, so i'm hoping for the best. i'm almost finished with the "back" section of the shrug part. at least it's going quickly, even with all of the "crap, this is wayyyy too long" and having to rip back 7 inches. oh and it's my first magic loop attempt. my stitches are none too even. i think i'd like the technique better if i weren't using my denise needles. not a perfect world.

started 2 pairs of socks, a lacy pair of anklets with gullwing lace pattern from socks x 3 for my roomie's birthday and a blueberry waffle pair for my dad for father's day. both are using knitpicks sockweight merino wool (garden and landscape, respectively). the yarn is so soft, but i'm worried about how it will wear. if it works out i think i may start buying merino style to make heavier weight socks for men and such. the yarns seem the same, and MS comes in solid colors.

i want to make a brown bolero jacket for myself but will wait to see if i finish the cornflower blue andean silk one first. so many projects.

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