Friday, April 22, 2005

bad blogger.

i'm a bad blogger. *slaps hand* it's not that i haven't been productive. i
just haven't been talking about it.

let's see. i've sewed several skirts. i decided that interfacing is dumb, so
from here on out i'm bias taping waistbands. i made a top that i just need to
get cording for the neck ties. i have several patterns to cut and sew, and
hopefully i'll get around to making my sailor pants this weekend. i've sort of
given up on my jacket, but i'll finish it someday.

i made a ribbon x-back tank from spring knitty. i just need to buy more
tapestry needles to weave in the ends. my cat ate my last plastic one, little
bitch. i am working on my 6-sox knitalong Go Team! socks. mine are for
mother's day and they were supposed to say "mom." but i had a senior moment
and read the chart upside down, so my first sock says "wow." and then my
roommate suggested that i just leave it that way and make the other one say
mom, so my message will read, "wow mom!" i might just do it.

i bought the summer IK. i want to make a pretty shrug. i might start with a
cap-sleeved one b/c i have lots o' berroco zen colors left and don't want to
waste it.

photos will come. just give me time.

1 comment:

  1. "little bitch" - ha!

    I would SO do the wow mom socks.



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