Monday, March 28, 2005

Zippers are my friend.

so yesterday i started this new pattern, Simplicity 5060. i am using a white cotton eyelet fabric. See isn't it pretty?

#3 in my "in progress" folder

one slight issue: i got stuck in it when i tried it on. it took me about ten minutes to get it off. :D so i will be adding a side zipper.

i finished my stashbuster spirals.

#27 in my "knitting" folder

i wore my o'socks today and they felted on the bottom of my feet. so i'm guessing the stashbusters will do the same. i guess it's not the end of the world. so i finished all the march socks and am all ready for april. don't know how i will keep up with this sock-of-the-month stuff. i'm already kind of tired of it.

and finally, i took a photo my denim and lace skirt.

#7 in my "sewing" folder

i took a pair of h&m jeans that was way too big, took in the side seams, transformed it to a skirt, and sewed a double layer of black lace to the bottom. it's very eighties. i can't wait til the temp gets above 40 here and i can wear it.

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