Wednesday, March 23, 2005

A whole new crafty outlet has opened before me

i bought a sewing machine! my first project was some pillow shams, made from my trusty old twin marimekko duvet cover (RIP, buddy). i did ok except that i accidentally sewed a few pins on the inside. i didn't discover this til i washed them. oops. i've also sewed a cream skirt that looks not so good and i'm in the process of converting a too-big pair of jeans to an eighties miniskirt. i am definitely not good at sewing. i figure it teaches me to accept imperfections. does leave less time for knitting though.

i've managed to work on a few things though. i made a couple of projects from Last Minute Knitted Gifts...the airy scarf from one of the thousands of balls of mohair that i can't seem to get rid of and a cloche hat. it suddenly occurs to me that i am out of control with the red stuff. hmm. i like red though. see, even my angelina is red. i may never finish. i am swearing off 2x2 ribbing forever after this one.

i'm still working on my stashbuster spirals. i didn't do the gusset increases b/c the sherman heel fit ok on my o'socks. i used #3 needles and patons kroy in brown and green and an elann self-striping. they are my Earthy Stashbuster Spirals. Now if i can finish the other before the end of the month...

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