Thursday, March 31, 2005

*sigh* i live at joanns

ever since i started sewing i've been going to joanns a lot. i have to go again today, b/c i decided that sewn tank top straps are evil, and i need to pick up ribbon to finish my eyelet top. i also want to pick up bias tape and thread so i can start my blazer. i think i might be getting a bit ambitious with the jacket. i've only made a handful of very easy things before this, but hey, ya gotta start somewhere. i got a "young fashion" burda 2-button blazer pattern, can't recall the number. i've been reading up a lot on hong kong seams and such. i got the singer photo guide to sewing and i think it has the illusory effect of making me believe i can sew ANYTHING!

but back to the joann's rant... i appreciate joanns a lot more since i started sewing. i really do. they have a huge variety of stuff, certainly much better than what i grew up with in Podunk, AR. but i really hate their attitudes. and by that, i mean the horribly fake, "WHAT are you MAK-ING???!!!" that you get twice--once at the cutting table and once at the checkout. i feel like the sales clerks and i are in a standoff: we both know that neither of us really cares about the answer, and i feel violated by the question. so why ask? it's so annoying. especially when i am clearly holding a jacket pattern in one hand and jacket material/notions in the other. why do you need to ask? is it not obvious? it makes me want to say something really inappropriate, like i'm making a padded cell for my dog, or something. a co-worker was sympathizing with me. she went to joanns to buy easter candy for her kids. the clerk asked her what she was making. she replied, "i'm buying easter candy for my kids." ugh.

only 20 more minutes until i'm back at joanns.

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