Tuesday, March 01, 2005

i'm bored already.

i cast on for angelina tonight with my lovely knitpicks merino yarn. i heart the red--it's gorgeous. i'm tired of 2x2 ribbing already. see my almost non-existent progress here.

i've been going knutty with the book purchases. i bought a stitch pattern book, scarf style, and last minute knitted gifts. and my mom sent me the sock journal/sock calendar (thanks mom!) my goal is to actually knit one pair of socks from these books per month. i have all these grandiose plans but little execution motivation. it will come. i just won some 100% silk yarn on ebay that i want to make the silk cami with from lmkg.

i am also designing a summer tank using a feather and fan pattern, but the details are a surprise. here's my progress pic. There's also a closeup in my progress album.

finally, here is my finished spiderweb capelet. I think that it's gorgeous. i will probably never wear it. i don't think i'm the capelet type. what's your opinion?

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