Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Tempted by the fruit of another...

Tempting sweater from Winter Knitty 2004 Posted by Hello

This is my finished Tempting sweater. I used 4 hanks of Classic Elite 03 Tweed, color #5906, on US 5 and 6 needles. oh, and the ribbon was just one i had at home--i fully intend to purchase a deep brown velvet ribbon to match the sweater. it took me 5 days to knit this. Here are my notes on the pattern:

I think one reason I hated this yarn so much is that its tweedy uneven texture makes all stitch patterns also look uneven and tweedy. I can't say i'm sorry it's discontinued. I feel like the slight thick 'n thin quality makes me look like a sloppy knitter. this ribbing doesn't look too bad, and i must say i think the pattern has helped forward me toward a zen-like state. i find 2x2 ribbing much less odious than before (though it is still by no means my favorite).

if i've learned anything, it is that the skills i've picked up from sock knitting help in all sorts of arenas. Just a few tips i applied to this sweater: to eliminate the holes on the sides of the underarm with the 3 needle bind off, i picked up 2 more stitches on either side where the gap is, and then bound off. I went down a needle size to add "shaping" to the waist and yoke areas. and i applied the spit-splice method so that i only had to weave in 6 ends instead of at every skein.

although i did go down a needle size for the yoke, it wasn't enough. the neck is huge. i should have followed the advice of others and decreased, but i'm lazy. it's the same reason i decided against the 3/4 length sleeves. i would have had to cast on a fewer number of stitches and then increased. and i'm lazy. and i was liking the instant gratification of shorter sleeves.

i'm pretty happy with the way that it looks. this is my first seamless sweater and i'm thrilled that it's so easy. i have an almost finished top-down raglan that has been languishing in the abandoned projects corner for over a year now. i made the body and all i had to do was make the sleeves and attach them, but i just lost my nerve. i think i may finally have the courage to do it. i feel really good that i can apply myself long enough to finish a project as intense as a sweater.

now back to some socks...


  1. Very nice! I am planning to make this sweater very soon.

  2. Great job! I just did a three needle bindoff for the first sweater I've ever made...and noticed the same hole problem. Thanks for sharing your workaround. (Luckily it was a child's sweater, so easily mended.)




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