Thursday, February 10, 2005

so my pink top-down raglan, upon closer inspection, was ugly. so i frogged it. started again from the bottom up. i am knitting in garter stitch, as the stockinette sweater i was making looked holey. i'm using patons divine in a hot pink color. i wanted a simple boucle turtleneck, so here comes the handy book of patterns to the rescue. i think the garter stitch will show off the yarn much better.

i'm also coming along nicely on the boy's fluted banister socks. they still look a little wide, but i think they should be ok. i'm up to 7 inches on the foot so i should be ready for my first short-row heel soon.

and speaking of heels, i'm bummed b/c my making waves sock heel flap is way too long. i should have known my stumpy feet don't need a 2.5 in heel flap. the ankle is saggy but not horrible. i'm trying to figure out how much it will really bother me, and if it does, i'll just knit the foot longer and give the socks away. *sigh* i guess it's an excuse to buy more LL and knit myself another pair.

i'm boring today. but making progress.

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