Friday, February 04, 2005

i have the best of intentions


i did one pattern repeat of the wavy scarf and that cursed Classic Elite 03 tweed. i decided it was too wide and not very nice looking. so my new goal for this yarn is to make a Tempting sweater from the winter knitty. i looked up the knitalong thread on craftster and decided to give it a go. but i think i'll make mine with 3/4 length sleeves, as a short-sleeved sweater in this climate seems like a no-no. *sigh* one day i will use this yarn in a manner in which both it and i agree is pleasing.

but on another note, i finally started my very first sock for the six-sox-knitalong. after being on the list for several months, i plunged in with some ll shepherd sock on the making waves socks. i really like the pattern, except that if i ever make it again, i should start with larger needles for the cuff b/c my ungodly large calves stretch it out to the max. i really like knee socks but i have never found a commercial sock that doesn't stretch out painfully b/c of my calf size/small feet combo. the lorna's laces is like heaven--definitely the nicest sock yarn i have ever used. the only bad thing is that the colors pool and make a diagonal stripe of lagoon blue down the mostly brown and gray sock. but i decided it's a nice design element and that no one will care anyway. i've made it to the heel flap on the first sock.

i also decided that i don't like the socks i was making for the boy. so i'll start over again on those too...someday. we're both anti-valentine's gifts anyway. one possibility is the firefighters sock. we'll see.

and i got my fleece artist thrummed mittens kit in the mail! i can't wait to start on it this weekend. so many projects, so little time. maybe it would help if i would actually finish something instead of continuing to abandon things in the middle to start new projects. i have boundless enthusiasm to try new things. it just doesn't last.

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