Friday, February 11, 2005

The federal government is my friend.

ok, not really. but i just got my tax refund today! which means i went nuts and bought a digital camera. (it's a cheap one. i'm trying to be frugal) now i will finally be able to take pictures of my knitting without having to borrow my roomie's expensive camera that i am afraid of misusing.

i also bought the pattern and yarn for Angelina. it has a lot of 2x2 ribbing, but after completing tempting, i feel like i can take on the world. i got my yarn from knitpicks. i read the article in knitters review and was completely sold on it. i got the merino yarn in red for only 25 bucks. i also bought some laceweight alpaca/silk to make a shawl for my stepmother's birthday. woohoo, free shipping!

i can't wait to start. yes, i will probably drop everything the moment these things arrive in the mail because i have no self-control. maybe i can finish at least one pair of socks before that happens.

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