Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Destashing and um, restashing

So having a shortage of funds has really taught me something. By not being able to buy new yarn, I used up much of my stash. Mostly I buy skeins of yarn to make certain projects, but many times I'll start the project and decide the yarn doesn't work with it (like the Cozy shawl and the Classic Elite 03 tweed), or I just don't like the pattern (the koigu gypsy shawl pattern). but the key is to stay the course and find a proper use for what you have, even if it means frogging several times. eventually i will find something that suits me or my recipient, and i find that i am much happier than i would have been had i just plugged away at a project that doesn't work. i'm happy to say that i am very pleased with many of the results that i've had to get "creative" with, like my tempting sweater, my ponytail-friendly hat, the clapotis shawl, and my making waves socks.

so having depleted much of the yarn stored in the baskets in my closet...i went to the yarn store. i bought some kureyon, which has already become a semi-coronet (picture available in my yahoo photo album), a skein of bearfoot, and another skein of regia clown (so i can make a pair of socks instead of just one). i'm also waiting for my yarn from knitpicks to make the angelina jacket.

i already have at least 5 projects going right now, so my goal is to finish something. soon. the first will probably be my fleece artist thrummed mittens. that is, if i don't get scared of the afterthought thumb.

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