Thursday, January 27, 2005

shoveling means less knitting time

so shoveling my driveway really makes my hands and arms hurt. i don't have the spirit to knit more than a couple of rows, so my projects are sitting in limbo. i've picked up the band-heel sock again. i finally made it to the heel on the second sock, but messed up on a turn heel row. and i didn't have the patience or energy to pick it out so i gave up for the evening. i've said it once and i will say it again...when these socks are finished i am never touching #00 needles again. of course, i'm saying this before i've had an opportunity to wear the socks, so we'll see how much i like them. i really should start using a row counter though.

i'm still waiting for my mitten kit to arrive. i can't wait. at least then i will have a nice toasty aid when i am outdoors in subzero weather, shoveling my heart out, i mean, my car out.

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