Monday, January 24, 2005

projects' progress slowing

snow shoveling = sore arms, so my knitting progress has slowed down.

i finished my grey felted mittens. it was my first felting project, kind of an experiment, and i'd say the results were non-spectacular. i used patons classic merino wool. the pattern wasn't my favorite, as it was a 2-needle pattern which meant i had to seam the side. the thumbs ended up kind of weird b/c they shrank too small right at the base, so i have to struggle to get my thumbs in the mittens. and the rest of the thumb and fingers are a little too long but i was afraid to keep felting due to the aforementioned problem above. i felted them inside out, which means that the outside still has some stitches visible as well as vertical lines running through the mittens where the columns of stitches were. all in all, not my best work. and to top it off, i wore them today and they aren't all that warm. so i'm looking forward to receiving my fleece artist kit in the mail.

but on another note:

I found this hat in this month's InStyle. I don't like the bunching at the top, but have often encountered the problem of the ponytail-hat syndrome. I like how this hat is adjustable by height and thickness of the ponytail. so i am attempting to make my own. I'm using the Basic Cable pattern from SNBN, knitting it in the flat with buttonholes and then eventually i'll join in the round for the decreases. i realized after i started that i should have added a couple of stitches for the button placket, as the way I am currently doing it will end up with the buttonholes overlapping the pattern slightly, but eh, beginner's mistake. I'm using the Classic Elite 03 tweed that I couldn't figure out what to do with. it doesn't cable all that nicely. in fact, it really doesn't do anything all that nicely, and it looks boring in plain stockinette. but this shouldn't take me long and if all goes well, i plan to make another sportier version, maybe with a fingering-weight yarn in a fine-rib. we'll see.

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