Wednesday, January 19, 2005

plugging away at clapotis

so now that i have read other people's blogs and discovered that #8 needles are probably too big for kppm, i have discovered for myself that i probably agree. for whatever reason i am incapable of counting properly and i ended up increasing 2 more repeats than what was required, but i just kept going since it's for my mom and i was hoping for more of a shawl kind of look anyway. (i just hope i have enough yarn). i have finished one repeat of the straight rows and my first column of dropped stitches does indeed look loose, but maybe blocking will solve it. i hope. i was in a knitting zone last night while watching american idol (that probably explains the inability to count) and today my hands are stiff. this doesn't bode well as my other two projects are socks. i want to start a hat for myself to protect my head from the -1 degree weather here and the black mohair i have sitting in my stash is calling my name for a pretty lacy shawl, but i have a thing about finishing what i've started
so we'll see how long it takes me to complete clapotis. i want one for myself too. wah.

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