Friday, January 21, 2005

might i have a mitten addiction?

so in addition to the 500 other projects i am working on, i started the black lacy mohair shawl. if i wasn't convinced before, i am now: i hate mohair. i'm using the lace scarf pattern from this site []. i only have the stamina to last for 1.5 rows, so i figure i'll be finished with it in a couple of years. the k3tog is what is getting me. even when i purl very very loosely on the previous row,
it's still a huge pain in the ass. i feel it is destined to become another abandoned project.

today is friday, which means that i don't feel like doing any work today and instead am spending most of my time looking up new patterns and techniques on the internet. this week the weather has been in the single digits and my hands are suffering. even with gloves and mittens i feel like my fingers are going to fall off on the walk to and from my car to work. so i find all of that good reason to order a fleece artist thrummed mittens kit from []. i emailed linda to ask about available colors and she seems like a very nice lady. even if she is canadian. sorry--i'm from rochester so that means i have to be snotty about
canadians. even if they have a much better health care system than we do. you gotta respect the canadians for knowing their cold weather stuff, that's for sure. i can't wait to make the mittens.

and speaking of mittens...the boy wants me to make him some lobster claw mittens. i posted a thread on the knitty coffeeshop board and got some advice. it was suggested to me to felt them. it seems like a good idea. i've never felted a damn thing. and i am an apartment dweller, which means i don't have easy access to a washing machine. so here is what i concluded. i am first going to make a normal pair of felted mittens for myself by hand (employing the washtub and plunger technique--i heart the internet) and THEN i will figure out how to make felted lobster claws. the experience can't hurt right? and one can never have too many mittens.

someday i will finish all the other projects i've already started. *pained face* consistency has never been my strong point.

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