Tuesday, January 11, 2005

i've been going knuts. over the weekend, i started and finished two projects. the first was Nakiska from Winter Knitty 2003. I made it with some leftover Sock-It-To-Me Collection Esprit in purpley blues and pinks. Since the cats destroyed my rabbit ear muffs, hopefully this will be an adequate substitute b/c it's cooooold outside.

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and on that theme, i also made some Fluffy Cuff Mittens from the first SNB. I made them using 2 strands of leftover black woolease and black fun fur for the cuffs. can you tell that someone has no money and is utilizing her stash? they are oversized but should fit well over my black leather gloves.

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i also finally decided how to use the koigu. i'm making a clapotis! I hope this works out, b/c i've already started and frogged this yarn for like, 50 different projects. i am liking it though. it's going pretty fast, and i think it'll turn out to be a very nice mother's day gift. (and if i like how it turns out, it might inspire me to buy some more yarn and make one for moi). wow, i feel so authentically french.

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