Saturday, January 15, 2005


i think that the five skeins of koigu kppm are cursed. i was happily knitting away on clapotis, ran out of stitch markers, decided i could do ok without them, somehow finished the increase section with several rows too many (i finished row 12 with 115 stitches, which besides being too much increasing is somehow not the correct multiple of stitches). so now i have to start over with this yarn. AGAIN. i guess that should teach me to abandon stitch markers. i think the pattern is deceptively easy. it lulls me into thinking i don't have to pay attention to what i'm doing. but on the upside, i think the yarn fits the pattern very well and i plan to keep plugging away at it as soon as i get more stitch markers.

since i'm peeved with that project, i've been working on the Band Heel Sock pattern. I finished one sock using sock-it-to-me harlequin a few months ago on US #00 needles. as it took me forever to make that one sock, i put it away and i am just now ready to finish the other one. when i am finished i hope to have my very first pair of wool socks just for me.

i've been reading on socknitters lately the thread about gauge. i have knit socks in a variety of gauges but i don't get all the people who like their socks knit on 0-000's. yes, they probably will last longer, but i don't like the feeling of the ultra-dense fabric. i will probably knit fingering weight socks on 0's or 1's from here on out, but not on 00's Ever Again. maybe the socks will feel better after they've been washed. i'll keep you posted.

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