Monday, January 31, 2005


I finished the band-heel sock. it only took me months and months to finish the two of them. i doubt i'll be making another pair of these. i think that the band heel fits skinny ankles well, but mine are evidently not so skinny, as these socks are not the most comfortable. but at least they are done and now i can move on to something else. *whew*

i also worked on clapotis over the weekend. i think it will end up taking all 5 skeins of koigu to finish. i'm on skein 3 and only halfway done with the straight rows. the more stitches i drop, the more i fall in love with this pattern. i hardly ever make the same pattern twice, but i will definitely end up making one of these for myself someday.

i also started the wavy scarf from knitty with the classic elite 03 tweed. i finished my pony-tail friendly hat--i just have to sew on the buttons. well first i have to get buttons and then sew them on. and who knows when that will be?

UPDATE: Photo of my completed Ponytail-friendly hat

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