Wednesday, December 29, 2004

fly fly away

so today i am flying to atlanta and it'll be my first trip attempting to bring my knitting. I am working on this shawl out of the koigu I bought for my mom's gypsy shawl that ended up a disaster. this one is super super easy, but at least there is little chance i'll mess it up. i thought it would make a nice mother's day gift.

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last night i finished my wavy gravy scarf from SNBN. it was also really easy and it matches my new white puffy jacket. I used one strand of woolease in a sparkle white shade (it has an iridescent thread running through it) and one strand of moda dea aerie in denim. at least i think that's what it was. i should really write these things down before I forget. i bought the supplies at michaels b/c i got a gift card from my department at work. I used one skein of woolease and two of aerie and i stopped knitting when i ran out of the aerie. i had a small amount of woolease left over. the scarf is the perfect length for my waist-length jacket, but it would probably look awkward with my 3/4 length wool coat.

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