Monday, August 04, 2014

Stripe Study Shawl

Stripe Study Shawl

A miracle happened when I knit this shawl. I didn't get bored! correction: i didn't get too bored. I don't think that i made it through all 4 inches of the border, but there's at least a respectable 3 1/2".

Stripe Study Shawl

Pattern: Stripe Study Shawl (rav)
Yarn: Malabrigo Sock in Black and Natural, 1 skein each
Needles: US #6 hiya hiya sharp interchangeables
Started: July 5 2014, Finished: July 19 2014

Stripe Study Shawl

I only had enough yarn to do 11 CC stripes. The pattern doesn't start with a garter tab but i really wish it did. the lack of a perfectly clean beginning bugs me a bit. i used jeny's surprisingly stretchy bind-off. as with other garter shawls, i did not see the point to aggressively blocking it so i just soaked and laid it out flat to dry.

As I kept arranging and rearranging this shawl for the photoshoot, i realized that i have no clue how to wear asymmetrical shawls like this one. the point seems to want to be off to the side and it's kind of weird. that is all.

i could actually see myself knitting another one of these someday. but i probably won't. part of my Q3 FAL goals, yo.


Cari said...

I never can seem to figure out how to wear any kind of triangular shawl. The one time I thought I might actually might be pulling it off, my coworker asked me why I was dressed like a cowgirl.

Iris said...

It looks beautiful. I'd be no help in figuring out how to wear it, though. I'd probably just sort of wrap it round my neck and shoulders, but since you can't see the asymmetrical pattern then that probably kind of defeats the purpose?

Jacey said...

It is stunning in black & white! Gorgeous! I still have one certain shawl to finish, and one to block. I bet you can guess which ones I am referring to, yes?

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