Monday, June 23, 2014

Just Above a Whisper

I had the brilliant idea to take 3 completed tops and finish them in tandem. It was brilliant right up to the point that I got really sick of free motion quilting the third one and put them all aside for a month or two until I found the motivation get them trimmed and bound. I will say that the binding stage is quite handy to do multiple quilts at once.

Just Above a Whisper

This one is Just Above a Whisper. Although I did not love the process of making my first Scrappy Trips quilt, I did eventually want to make another. The second time around it went much more smoothly. I cut colorful low-volume fabrics for this version and went with a chevron layout. The quilt measures 34x45 post-washing.

Just Above a Whisper

I chose a Julia Rothman typewriter fabric for the backing and the architextures text print for the binding. I really love how this one turned out and I actually have another set of low-volume fabrics cut for an even quieter version. I think that I will wait awhile to revisit the pattern though.

Just Above a Whisper

This quilt is listed in the shop.


Debbie said...

oh I like this one alot! So soothing and I like your backing/binding combo - all a very nice mix. Great quilt name too!

mle said...

Oh nice! I love the low volume! I agree, this pattern gets easier the more you do it. My least favorite part is ironing the strip seams in opposite directions, hate it! but overall, the one I'm working on now has gone much faster than I anticipated.

Carla said...

This is so fabulous! I LOVE the name! Great quilt

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