Monday, March 03, 2014


Cross-stitch was one of the first crafts I ever learned and I used to do it all the time as a kid but I've only recently picked it back up in adulthood. I bought the Winterwoods Sampler kit a couple of years ago because it looked so fun to stitch. But I only got around to actually working on it at the end of last year.

Winterwoods Sampler

I really love Weeks hand-dyed floss. the subtle color shifts give a lot of depth to the piece. I liked the 28-ct linen a little less. my old eyes don't like having to stitch over 2 threads. Also no matter how much steam i used i could not get all of the wrinkles out of the linen after finishing.

Winterwoods Sampler

I knew that if I waited to have the piece professionally framed, it would sit in a drawer and never get finished. so i made mine into a mini-quilt. The border is Kaufman PFD Pure Organic and I FMQ a wavy maze with white aurifil 50-wt thread. Although I pinned profusely, stitched in the ditch and 1/4 away from the seamline, the linen piece still stretched out a little bit. The binding is a woodgrain from Moda Lush Uptown that I stitched completely by machine.

Winterwoods Sampler

I put this little wallhanging in our bedroom. Spicy does not understand the point of samplers and he asked me more than once why it has the alphabet on it. I told him it was so that if we are lying in bed and forget the alphabet we can reference the picture and remember. Then I sang the alphabet song like this, "A-Crow-B-Mittens-C-Snowflake-Deer." I will grant him that the placement of the objects doesn't make the most logical sense. I told him it was artistic license and that he should get used to it b/c i'll probably stitch up more than one cross-stitch sampler and we'll end up with alphabets all over the house.

Winterwoods was on my Q1 FAL list.


mle said...

Such a cute sampler! To be honest I don't really understand the point of samplers either but that doesn't stop me from liking them LOL!

gingermakes said...

This is awesome! Great job!

Crystal said...

Congratulations on finishing your sampler! I LOVE that you turned it into a mini quilt! Very nice!

Kacey said...

Nice song. The sampler's not bad either :-)

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